2020 election denier helping Macomb County Clerk's Office recruit poll workers

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Election denier, insurrection attendee hired by Macomb County Clerk's Office

Genevieve Peters, who denied the 2020 election results, is now working for the Macomb County Clerk's Office. Right now, her job includes helping recruit poll workers.

A woman who denied the results of the 2020 presidential election and attended the Capitol insurrection is now working for the Macomb County Clerk's Office.

Genevieve Peters has been outspoken about her views, Videos of her on her way to the Capitol show her shouting that the election was fraudulent.

Genevieve Peters

Clerk Anthony Forlini says that doesn't impact her job.

"I can tell you that she doesn't believe that here. She really believes what we do here is a tremendous system. We got great backups, great people, great clerks in Macomb County that do a fantastic job," he said. "And so her opinions a year and a half ago don't reflect what is happening here at the office today."

He said her job includes working with departments to train them. Currently, she is helping recruit poll workers.

"She's a trainer, so she trains the different departments for various things within here, and so we're doing, right now the election department's taking their turn with her, and they're just trying to approve the systems and whatnot so that people understand what they're doing a little bit better, and do their job better," he said. "Right now, she's in elections trying to help recruit poll workers for me. So, I'm doing the recruiting, she's doing the organizing behind the scenes. And together we've gotten together over a couple hundred new people to work in the polls, both Democrats and Republicans."

He said he is not training the poll workers, and he doesn't think her opinions will influence her actions or interactions.

"We've got people with varying opinions throughout the clerk's office, and varying backgrounds, and varying personal lives, but none of that influences them in their jobs," Forlini said.

He said he is aware of her statements and her trip to the Capitol for the insurrection, but to his knowledge, she has done nothing illegal and is a good employee.