3 ways to clear your mind in the car, bedroom and outside

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What does it take to clear your mind and empower your brain? We have a three-part action plan that might get you started.

One location is the car, then there's the great outdoors and finally the bedroom.

Let's start there.

"The most important part of downtime for your brain is sleep," said Dr. Stephan Mayer, a Henry Ford neurologist.

You wouldn't think that when your slobbering on your pillow that your brain would be working, but in fact, it is.

"You know what happens when you're sleeping is this wonderful series of synchronized progressional evolution of electrical reorganization of your brain," Mayer said. "It is absolutely fascinating."

Next, Mayer says go outside and leave the cell phone at home. Force yourself to disconnect and just listen to the world around you can clear your mind.

"Turn off machines, turn off devices, and go for a walk," he said. "Listen to birds."

Now back to in the car, many of us spend a lot of time behind the wheel in the motor city, but did you ever consider a little red light meditation?

"I drive in silence, when I get to red light, instead of getting worked up I take some slow deep breaths and try to get some peace and clarity," Mayer said.

A simple breathing exercise to do in the car involves inhaling fully, for four seconds, holding that breath for seven seconds then slowly exhaling, for eight seconds.  It's called 478.