4-year-old dies, found with burns on her body in Sumpter Twp

Police are investigating the death of a 4-year old girl in Sumpter Township, found with severe burns all over her body.

Monday morning on Jan. 1, police and paramedics flooded into the Rawsonville Woods mobile home community in southwest Wayne County responding to emergency calls about the girl.
"I feel bad for the family and for the little girl, it's horrible," said neighbor Brenda Morgan.
Sumpter Township Police aren't saying much or how the child died but what Morgan has heard is upsetting enough.
"We have had a lot of incidents in the trailer park but to hear of something like this makes me sick," she said.
Police told FOX 2 they're investigating along with Child Protective Services.
FOX 2 asked Sumpter Township Police Chief Eric Luke, if this was being investigated as an abuse case. He says they're looking at "all aspects to figure out what happened."

One neighbor and his wife say more police were in their neighborhood Wednesday night. They're on edge waiting to learn more.

"It's scary because you don't exactly know what happened," he said. "And to see it across the street makes me worry about my own kids."