49-year-old woman in custody for concealing dead boyfriend, using his credit card

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A woman is in police custody accused of concealing the death of a person in Monroe. 

Police say 49-year-old Angela Mae Shock was living with the body of her dead boyfriend at a home in the 600 block of Harrison Street for several weeks. 

"The officers went in with oxygen tanks and masks over their faces because it smelled so bad in there," said Reigne Birman, a neighbor.

Police were called to the home earlier this week for a welface check on the 61-year-old man, whom his family hadn't seen or heard from in the past few weeks. Officers weren't able to make contact that day, so they contacted the property owner and arranged for a time to get in the home. 

When officers returned to the home, they were greeted by Shock at the front door.

"It was a strong odor coming from inside of the apartment once the door was opened and when they went inside of the apartment the deceased was seated in a chair," said Chad Tolstedt, of the Monroe Police Department, "it had been obviously deceased for sometime." 

Shock confirmed that her boyfriend had passed away. Based on the investigation, police believe the man passed away "several weeks earlier" and that she continued living at the home. 

When investigators entered the apartment, Shock allegedly cut her wrist and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. She was released and was arraigned in court Friday morning. While police believe the man died of natural causes, because Shock used his credit card, she was charged with a two counts of fraudulent use of a transaction device, as well as concealing the death of a body.

"This investigation is extremely bizarre," said Tolstedt.

Tolstedt said that Shock told investigators she remained in the apartment because "she had no place to go and needed to stay there."

"They always seemed like pretty nice folks when they walked by," said Merle Arquette, a neighbor.