A Girl Like Me Inc. helps support young girls and mothers meet the challenge of parenthood

Having a baby at 14 isn’t what Tyra Moore had in mind for her teenage years.

But thanks to the support from her family and community, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter - and still pursued her dreams. Now at 31, she’s paying it forward, to girls like her.

"Your life isn’t over, everything that you wanted to accomplish before you found out you was pregnant, you can," she said. "I really felt like my life was ending, I was told that."

Tyra founded "A Girl Like Me Inc." to encourage and empower other young girls and mothers ages 11 to 25, many of whom, she says, are too scared to tell anyone they’re pregnant. They often face the challenge of birth and parenthood, without necessities or skills.

Tyra Moore

Tyra Moore

"I’m there with them, helping them with anything, helping them get back in school, talking to them, counseling them, providing all the baby items that I can," she said. "And also resources to other organizations that can help them."

This nonprofit organization keeps doors and donations open year-round, providing everything new moms might need - from diapers to mentorship to babyseats. They even help with formula, something that’s been flying off the shelves nationwide, and hitting record high prices due to inflation.

"With the shortage, I was lucky to have a whole bunch of formula," Tyra said. "I was so happy that we had it, because we just had it sitting and you know some moms when they come in, they would feel as if we had a certain kind of formula, and the brand that they were looking for, no one had it."

Justin Polk and wife, like many parents, needed specialty formula. In fact, he was scammed out of $40 online searching for some.

"Finding the right formula was so important and with the shortage it was like pulling my hair out," he said.

In hindsight, Polk says he wishes he had known about "A Girl Like Me Inc." Even if they don’t qualify, he says it’s a great community resource.

"As a parent, you don’t where you necessarily can turn, and knowing that this is an avenue to turn, especially with everything that’s going on it’s such a relief," he said.

The giving continues this weekend. A Girl Like Me Inc. is hosting its annual Christmas party, and this year 200 families will benefit from donations - up 100 from last.

"Next year we’re working on potty training classes and also a gold challenge class for the moms as well," Tyra said.

For more information go to the nonprofit's Facebook Page HERE.