A look back at Michigan's biggest storms and the TV2 meteorologists that tracked them

Perhaps the only bigger figures to come through the FOX 2 broadcast circuit than its meteorologists are the storms they covered.

It was personalities like Sonny Elliot and his chalk or a young Chuck Gadica with a static radar page that covered the weather years ago. Later on, it would be Jim Smith and Chris Edwards that guided viewers through storms before the next crop of meteorologists from Rich Luterman and Jessica Starr joined FOX 2. 

And good thing too since Michigan and Metro Detroit have been no stranger to strange weather. 

That includes the 1987 heat wave and major flooding of 1986. Just like the heavy batch of tornadoes that Southeast Michigan saw earlier this summer, there was also a series of tornadoes that ripped through the region in 1997. 

As FOX 2 takes a dive through memory lane, there are many moments from its decades of broadcasting that have proved memorable for anyone. And that includes one old-school interview with a tow truck driver who offered to show off the money he'd earned helping out drivers during a blizzard.

With 75 years of broadcasts to pick from, there's bound to be a few gems.