A single mother was moving across the country with only $200. Then Lyft surprised her with gift

Monae Black was facing a cross-country move that had her worried for her future and the future of her child. 

That worry turned to relief when five giant checks walked through the door. But the surprise is only the product of a handful of donations picked out by rideshare drivers. First, the context.

On Lyft's 5 year birthday, they were offering $1,000 to be donated to five charities, each chosen by one of their drivers in the area.

"I was just in the hospital two weeks in a row and I didn't even know if I was going to make it here," said Tiffany Morrow of Drop of Hope, a nonprofit. "I've been running this organization since 2013 just off of hope and prayer and all funds out of my pocket."

Morrow's charity, which helps fill book bags for students in the area, was selected by Black, a Lyft driver. After the other four charities were announced, a second surprise emerged from the door. Lyft was donating $1,000 to each of its five drivers who selected charities as well.

Cue tears of joy.

"I'm a single parent and I got a 6-year-old. I'm literally moving with $200 dollars," Black said. "And this is going to help me get a moving truck and I can take all my stuff with me now."

The other charities chosen include the Capuchin Soup, the Cass Tech football team which is getting new shoulder pads, COTS, which helps domestic violence victims and the James E. Wadsworth Jr. Community Center.

"The community center is near and dear to my because it does a lot for the children of the community, not just those who are members of our church but we actually reach out to more of the community than we do internally," said Deniera Davis.

Learn more about the charitable works of Lyft here: https://www.lyftwheelsforall.com/