Accused child sex offender from Michigan arrested in Louisiana after 18 months

An alleged child predator and con man moved from city to city to evade police. After a year of trying to track him down, police finally got him - across the country.

The accused child predator is 24-year-old Joshua Kramer. He was wanted on four charges of criminal sexual conduct with a minor but was also a known conman, police say.

"Knowing the age of these victims. That was the most disturbing thing to me," Trenton Detective Tim Fox said. "In this case he was living with our victims mother."

Trenton police were first called by a family who lives on Sibley road. They told them of Kramer's alleged criminal activity and said he lived in the home with them and claimed to be 17.

The alleged victim is well under the legal age of consent and met Kramer at a party in 2015. The two would see each for about a year and that's when police say Kramer took it to the next level. 

"He had given them a story that he had no place to stay," Fox said.

Police said the victim's mom took a closer look at his past and realized he wasn't who he said he was. So she called the police.

"He knew we were coming after him so he in the process left the state," Fox said.

They had to wait for DNA evidence but police tracked him as he bounced from city to city. Police in Louisiana served a warrant and took Kramer into custody this month.

When word of his arrest got out, new information came to light as well.

"More people are coming forward, giving us information about possible other victims out there," Fox said.

Police say they're still building their case and think he may have changed his appearance often and moved around while committing multiple sex crimes. Anyone who may recognize him or know any additional information is asked to call police.