Activist group New Era Detroit issues new Street Code to protect women, children

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The recent murders of several women on Detroit's east side has prompted a new movement from an activist group.

New Era Detroit has issued a new "Street Code," made up of 10 guidelines it hopes will help keep women and kids safe. The group wants to be proactive and a deputy chief with DPD told FOX 2 that when it comes to public safety, police can't do it alone and this could help.

The street code includes ideas like never walking alone, and to stay in large groups if you have to walk after sunset. The street code also suggests women avoid getting gas at nighttime. You can see the full list below. 

"The kids are out here getting snatched up and women are getting killed and buried in our streets," said New Era Detroit founder Zeek at a rally Thursday evening. "We've got to be serious about what we are doing out here."

The initiative comes as Detroit police are investigating the recent killings of several women on the city's east side, and the attempted abductions of children. New Era also urged women to carry and use whistles in the event they're attacked to alert the public they need help.

"I always say a whistle sounds different from a yell," Zeek said. "It sounds different from gunfire; we are treating this as a sign of distress in our community."

But for it to work, New Era says men in particular need to be vigilant, willing and ready to help the moment they hear a woman is in danger.

"We've been calling out to men for years on the news," Zeek said. "Don't let it happen to your family; don't let it be your mother; don't let it be your sister; don't let it be your wife before you take initiative in the community to do something."

Zeek is challenging men to dedicate five hours a week to keep an eye out for women and children in their neighborhoods.

A handful of men are already onboard, and they were at the rally Thursday for the unveiling of the new Street Code at the Lights Out boxing gym.

"We need to make sure we tackle this issue and we make people - these predators out here - feel uncomfortable," Zeek said. "Because it is not just the police out here looking for you anymore - you feel me? It's real people out here in the community that are going to handle these situations if you are threatening our women, our kids and our elderly."

New Era also offering a free self-defense class for women on June 9. The class is at 3 p.m. at 16416 W. Seven Mile Road. 

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1. No woman is to walk the streets alone. They are to be accompanied by at least one other person preferably an adult 21 yrs & older.

2. There should be no woman walking the streets after sunset in groups less than 3 and at least one person in the group should be designated for communicating emergency calls or text messages. 

3. Women should make sure that all fire time encounters with men or women are known by a friend or family member. Always have at least one person that you trust made aware of your location. 

4. Make sure if you need gas that you get gas before sunset. No woman should walk into any gas station, liquor stores, or atms by themselves after sunset. 

5. Any woman that is walking into a building or walking to or from their vehicle by themselves should have a whistle and their phone in their hand with a emergency contact ready to dial. 

6. All woman should have a whistle and or pepper spray on them at all times. All young Women under the age of 18 should have a whistle on them at all times. 

7. Parents should know the location of their children at all times. No exceptions. 

8. All kids 16 and under should be home before the street lights unless accompanied by an adult. 

9. Kids 10 and under should be acompanied by an adult when walking to school at all times. Kids 11 to 17 walking to school should walk in groups of 3 or more. 

10. Never take rides from people you don't know. Before entering any vehicle other than immediate family take a picture of the persons license plate and send it to your parents or an emergency contact.