Activist rally to keep gas station shut down after unarmed man is shot by clerk

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Rami Ali Jaber, the gas station clerk that fatally shot a black unarmed customer on Sunday afternoon, was arraigned today on first degree murder charges.

Carnell Roberts, the only brother of - 34-year-old Derek Roberts, the customer that was gunned down police say by the clerk at a Citgo gas station during a dispute over a purchase.

“He died on Mother’s Day which is coincidentally my birthday,” Roberts said.

Derek Roberts told his brother happy birthday over the phone, the last words Carnell would ever hear from him. 

Police say Rami Ali Jaber came from behind the bullet proof glass to shoot Derek Roberts in the chest.
The family owned and operated business has been closed since the shooting and the activist want to keep it that way.

“We want this gas station to stay closed, this can’t just be a pause for a moment and back to business as usual we want this gas station to stay closed indefinitely and we want the family to really fell the burden and pain that their clerk and son did,” Revered David Bullock said.

Bullock says racial tensions are to blame for the violence and they want to create better relationships in the community. 

“Arab gas station owners need sensitivity training, you can’t do business in a black community and hate black people. You can’t do business in the black community and not like black people, you can’t take black dollars and not respect black persons,” he said.