Adorable Japanese siblings’ video captures attention of tennis world

It looks like Venus and Serena Williams aren't going to be the only famous sibling team in the tennis world because these two adorable brothers are following right in their foosteps. 

Yunosuke, 6, and Koujiro, 4, live in Fukuoka, Japan and have big dreams to become the next dynamic sibling tennis duo, and from the looks of a video of the two practicing on May 2, they are well on their way.

The video shows Yunosuke and Koujiro practicing their backhands outside of their home, according to their father’s Instagram post.The pair are seen skillfully maneuvering amongst one another and taking turns hitting the ball.

The talented brothers’ video has even caught the attention of ATP Tour, a reputable tennis tournament group, and Judy Murray, mother to tennis superstar Andy Murray.

The video has garnered over 38,000 views on Instagram and it even showed up on the Tennis Channel where spectators marveled at the young brothers’ skills.

Owaki Kosuke, their father, has dedicated an Instagram page and YouTube channel to continue showcasing his sons’ athletic abilities.

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