Airplanes are full of germs. Here's some tips on how to avoid getting sick

If you're getting ready for some summer air travel, let's face it. The germs may be tough to avoid. 

A recent study finds travelers are up to 100 times more likely to contract a cold while flying. But there are some tricks to staying healthy. 

"When I go to take a little nap and lay my head back or go to the side I'm always wondering you know, who was the person there before me and was it cleaned?" says flyer Kimberly Hand.

Your likelihood of catching something could depend on a few factors: the time of the season, when you're traveling, and the exposures you've already had and how your immune system is reacting, Dr. Seetha Lakshmi tells us. 

She says one thing you can do to protect yourself is sanitize.

"Sanitize your hands. Using a sanitizer to wipe your trays your arm rest, make sure you sanitize your local area around you," she says. "Also prevent touching your nose or mouth because that's how the germs actually can infect you."

Keep water handy. Avoid alcohol and caffeine because those can also dehydrate you. 

Snagging a window seat could be helpful, and it would decrease exposure based on traffic. (Unless your seat mate is sick, of course.) 

If you have a problem with your immune system, wearing a mask is recommended if you're heading to high exposure areas like an airport or airplane. 

Bottom line - pack some wipes in your carryon, and don't be shy about wiping down all the surfaces armrests, tray tables, headrests, etc. And then keep your hands away from your face.