All clear issued for Milan after funnel clouds spotted in Milan

An all clear has been issued for the city of Milan after funnel clouds were reported being seen earlier Tuesday.

Cold weather spouts were seen in the area of Wabash and Cone and US-23 and Cone as strong storms roll through the area, according to the city.

Derek Kevra said that there are no tornado warnings currently issued for SE Michigan by the National Weather Service, despite reports of funnel clouds and sirens going off in Monroe and Flat Rock as well.

"If funnel clouds don't touch the ground, they are not tornados," Kevra said. "I am seeing rotation but there are no active warnings."

Kevra said the NWS told him the weather conditions do not support tornados today and the storm cell is breaking up.

Kevra said expect to see the rain "stick around" today and through the night with expectations of more flood warnings and alerts. Today expect to see more flooding alerts for the west side of SE Michigan.

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