Back to school poll shows students most worried about virtual classes returning

Going back to school always conjures up a lot of emotion, excitement, stress, anxiety. All that is still around, but now there are heated discussions that are causing even more challenges. We've got the results of a national poll from Mott Children's Hospital.  

When we talk about the back-to-school transition there's a new level of stress or concern for many parents and kids. But what is on everyone's mind?

When looking back at last year, figuring out a virtual learning environment was a big challenge partly to blame was technical barriers. Other factors were inadequate internet access, the need for a quiet space, and decreased teacher interaction.

This year's poll illustrated the current worries which include virtual school happening again (26 percent), while kids are also worried about being around large groups (24 percent),

About 22 percent were worried about falling behind in studies, tied with getting along with friends.

One other highlight from the survey is that three in five parents of middle school and high school kids feel their child would feel safer if most students and teachers were vaccinated against Covid.

A quick reminder from the experts, kids are taking cues from parents and need to feel comfort and support from the adults in the room especially as they deal with everything at school.