Beaumont doctor talks about coronavirus concerns

As the number of Coronavirus deaths continue to grow beyond China, medical professionals in the U.S. are working to keep the virus at bay.

Included in the local effort are doctors at Beaumont but the challenge is staying ahead of a fluid situation. 

"At this point it's not labeled as a pandemic," said Dr. Trini Mathew, Beaumont Royal Oak. "We have frequent phone calls and discussions. We are trying to stay prepared and by that, I mean it is an evolving situation.

"So here at Beaumont we're getting alerts, information from local, county, from the state and from the CDC. We provide that information to all our front line healthcare providers."

Many medical communities are also advocating for more government funding to prevent an outbreak on US soil.

"What we are learning from history is that we are always going to have an infectious disease outbreak to control," she said. "And we do need to make sure that our frontline staff are there to keep us safe." 

But as medical professionals continue to monitor this virus, people are wondering should they be afraid of an outbreak in the US. 

"Stay informed," said Mathew, the medical director, infection control and epidemiology. "What we really need to be concerned about right now, is what is happening in our community right here in Michigan is influenza and other viral illnesses."

And the best way to prevent the flu she says, is simple.

"Hand hygiene is the most crucial piece to prevent transmitting infections," she said.

Dr. Trini Mathew, Beaumont Royal Oak