'Begging for my life': Man accused of targeting and terrorizing high-end escorts in Metro Detroit

At least two women have come forward and said they're being targeted and terrorized by someone who is seeking out high-end escorts and sex workers.

Kendra K has been a high-end escort for 17 years but she's never once had to beg someone to let her live. But she said the man she encountered recently seemed to completely turn on a new persona.

"I was scrunched down in the corner, told him I have kids. I was begging for my life," Kendra said. "It was like Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde it was like super nice and respectful into whole different person when he pulled the gun on me."

That man, she said, is 24-year-old Kevin Whitfield. She said she flew up from her home in Florida to meet him at the Marriott Hotel in Romulus after he found her on social media.

"I'm not just seeing some random person. My screening process is kind of extensive because I am such a high-profile person in the industry," Kendra said.

Suspect Kevin Whitfield

Suspect Kevin Whitfield

The terrifying part is she said there wasn't a single red flag. They had a 30-minute session, which involved sex. After he paid and she was seeing him out, he changed.

"(I) open the door, he slammed the door and slammed me against the wall. Like, slammed me so bad that my body...(it) hurt so bad when he slammed me against the door," Kendra said.

For an hour, she was terrorized as he ransacked the room and stole thousands of dollars from her as well as electronics and a necklace from her grandmother, who recently died.

"That was the most important thing. That's things you can't get back. He took my wedding ring, he took my engagement ring," Kendra said.

As it turns out, Whitfield has allegedly done this before. He was charged in Oakland County on Friday for doing the same thing to another sex worker at the Four Points Hotel in Novi after a woman was badly beaten.

"He is a very sick individual and I hope he gets everything he deserves," Kendra said.

Kendra K is a high-end escort and says she flew to Michigan to meet a man - only to be beaten and robbed inside a Romulus hotel room.

Though Whitfield is locked up and facing even more charges, Kendra hasn't worked and is now moving out of her own home because she's afraid of being hurt again.

"Was it worth it really? I have to live with this for the rest of my life - this PTSD. I am scared someone is going to shoot me," she said.