Ben Carson releases campaign rap aimed at young, black voters

Presidential candidate and Detroit native Ben Carson is adding an MC to his M.D. The new rap song for his campaign won't top the charts, but the question is, will it appeal to young black voters?

It will air on radio stations in eight markets in cities like Atlanta, Memphis and Detroit. You can listen to the full song below. 

"Some of the recent polls have shown that he's up in the polls on Hillary Clinton right now, and I think if he realistically got 15 or 20 percent of the vote he would win, you know, have a large victory," says Wayne Bradley, the Director of African American Engagement for Michigan's Republican Party. He says the ad could be a sign of things to come.

"It's a start. Obviously, if he's willing to put that kind of air time in the urban markets, maybe he plans on having more of a dialogue with these voters," Bradley adds.

The ad comes as a poll pegs Carson as a favorite among Michigan voters, topping both Trump and Clinton. But is this really the best effort to reach a demographic the GOP has by in large been content to ignore?

"It's an A for effort, but I could see young voters being a little skeptical, thinking maybe he's patronizing them," says Morgan Dozier. "Young people understand issues, and you could talk to them like that. You don't have to try and be cute with catch lyrics."

"I got to give it to him. I mean, I think it's kind of fly," Damar Davis says.

"If you really want to reach the black vote, you've got to come to where the black voters are," argues Zeek from the community action group New Era Detroit.

"In terms of him talking towards those demographics, me personally, I haven't really seen that, but it's yet to be determined," says Brandon Norris from New Era Detroit.

The priority for these voters? Well, one legendary rapper said it best: "I'm out for presidents to represent me."

Question is, will Dr. Ben Carson fit that bill?

"I don't want people to go after the black vote this time and don't do right by black people," Zeek says.

"I believe he cares but I don't know if he's man enough to stand up and make sure that our issues are heard," Dozier adds.

Carson will be front and center in next week's GOP debate in Milwaukee.

LINK: Click here to listen if you cannot see the song player above