Best bedtime snacks for the kids

Maybe you like a late night snack and the kids do too? Now that school is back in session, what's the best snack right before bed?

Cleveland Clinic Dietitian Jennifer Willoughby says choosing a nighttime snack takes some strategy.

"Sometimes it's hard to walk past the pantry right before bed, for you or the kids. Eating a before bed snack isn't bad for children, as long as it's the right snack," said Willoughby. "You want to make sure it's something calming for the children, nothing that's going to rev them up."

Willoughby says you'll want to avoid concentrated sweets like candy. She also says to steer clear of foods that contain caffeine because it will excite them us as opposed to winding them down.

Smart evening snack choices include foods with protein because they help keep kids full until morning. Warm milk, a bowl of whole grain cereal, whole grain crackers and cheese, or a cheese stick and fruit are good options. Even popcorn can be a healthy nighttime snack.

"As long as it's air popped, you wanna go no movie theater butter, low on the salt, but that would be a good snack at night for the kids because it has fiber in it so it will also help keep them full," said Willoughby.

Willoughby says a nighttime snack can be a good opportunity to make up for any nutrients your child might have missed throughout the day.