Big snow storm misses Detroit, 2-4 inches coming

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I'll get this out of the way right now: We are NOT going to see a big snow maker this weekend. That storm will miss us to the east.  However, we are still in line for winter weather over the next 24 hours so let's get to it.

What: Rain turning to a Wintry Mix turning to snow
How much: 2-3"
When: Friday morning into Friday afternoon

Earlier this week, there was a lot of concern over Michigan getting hit by a significant snow storm on Wednesday (as in 5 to 8 inches). On Tuesday, we told you it was just too early to tell and that we could be missing out on the Saturday storm - something that proved to be true.

Starting Thursday we will see waves of rain, some heavy at times, moving through Southeast Michigan. It will be accompanied by some gusty winds and warm temps in the 50s, which will aid in melting a lot of the outside snow. 

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The rain continues overnight, turning into a sleety, wintry mix around 5AM. Around 9AM, the moisture switches over to snow as the temperatures start to plummet.

We'll see snow for most of the rest of the day but the ground will be warm enough so the initial burst won't stick. Eventually though, as temperatures continue dropping, it sticks and totals are looking at 2-3 inches. 

As temps drop below freezing Friday morning we all need to watch out for ice formation on the roads and sidewalks.

Saturday will be calmer and drier around here as the big snow maker heads East toward Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse. It will however be extremely cold with highs in the upper teens.

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