Blood shortage in Michigan at critically low levels with donors needed

Due to several factors, Michigan's blood supply level is dangerously low - and that should concern all of us.

"We need more donors. Our donor center is open four days a week, and our chairs are very empty," said Kaila Dinallo.

You can see for yourself, there is mostly empty chairs at the Versiti Blood Center in Farmington Hills, a non-profit blood center, 
and Dinallo is not minicing words - the need for blood donations in Michigan is critical.

"We are less than one-day blood supply for most blood types," she said. "Some blood types less than a two-day supply. If there was a mass trauma or tragedy here in our community, there is a chance there is not going to be blood on shelves for patients."

It doesn't matter what blood type you are, when patients are in trauma and in dire need of blood fast, O negative is the type that works for everyone.

"I'm an O negative blood type, which is the universal blood type," she said. "So I can donate to everyone but only O negative donors can donate to me.

"So a little bit selfishly, I really watch that inventory number. I want to make sure that we have blood on our shelves for patients."

Inventory shrinks, always during the busy summer months, but conversly, the need grows.

"The 4th of July is a high usage holiday," said Dinallo. "There are lots of boating accidents, boating injuries, firework injuries, in addition to our daily patient needs - sickle cell disease, cancer treatment, and we need to make sure that there is blood readily avaialable for patient care."

If you can't get to a donation center or event, Versiti will come to you.

"We will come to your church, your school, you corporate office, your community center and host a blood drive right in your community."

If you want to give blood, go to