Bloomfield Twp barricaded gunman standoff ends in arrest

A barricaded gunman situation in Bloomfield Township has ended peacefully Thursday night.

A man in his 50s was involved in a standoff since 2 p.m. when officers with a warrant for his arrest went to the house, in the 100 block of Douglas Drive.

Sometime after 9 p.m. the man was taken into custody with no injuries reported. 

Police say the man is a registered gun owner with 14 guns in his name, although he allegedly pulled a long gun from his front window on "several" pizza delivery drivers Wednesday night. The drivers fled without incident.

A police perimeter was established last night, but officers got their arrest warrant early this afternoon.

The incidents were reported to police who obtained the warrant for the man, who has battled alcohol abuse issues according to Chief Scott McCanham.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said that he had heard guns were "placed strategically around the house near windows," leading them to use caution.

Gas along with water hoses were used inside the house on the suspect. At one point it was believed the man had started a fire in the basement, which led to hoses being used.

"We didn't want him to perish in a fire, so we kept it running until the basement was well flooded so it couldn't reignite," Bouchard said. "Then we used a hose to move him from room to room, for some reason the gas didn't work.

McCanham said the suspect has substance abuse issues which may have led to his gas tolerance.

Bouchard and some of the officers got a dose of gas when one of the canisters malfunctioned inside his vehicle.

"That was the most I've had since my police academy days," Bouchard said. "They guys in the back of the car got it worse than me."

Bouchard credited the work of the Bloomfield Township police working with county sheriff deputies to resolve the situation peacefully.