Blue hair trends among Lions fans, inspired by St. Brown

Seven-year-old Sam of Royal Oak knew just the look he wanted after the Lions took down the Bucs, advancing to the NFC Championship Game Sunday night.

"We told him if the Lions won that we would let him get his hair blue," his mom, Amy Burroughs, said. "So the second the game was over, he looked right at us and said ‘So am I getting my hair done?’ And here we are."

Amy called Lady Jane's Haircuts for Men in Royal Oak and Ashlyn Kuenzer, the stylist, got to work. The inspiration behind it all? The St. Brown effect. 

Lions wide receiver, Amon-Ra St. Brown, kicked off the craze by sporting the look himself. It quickly became a trend.

"We had to bleach (Sam's hair) out first," Kuenzer said. "Very lengthy hour (for a) seven-year-old."


83-year-old Lions fan in hospice goes viral for dyeing hair blue

An 83-year-old Lions fan received a call from the team's wide receiver, Amon-Ra St. Brown, for dying his his hair bright blue after being inspired by the player.

Mourtaja "Dr. Mour" Alkhalidi is the barber of several Detroit Lions players. He was the one that encouraged St. Brown's new hairdo. 

"Right before the season started, I told him ‘Hey man, you got to put a blue strip in your hair, or do something in your hair just for the Lions.’ He told me 'If we make the playoffs, I’m going to end up doing it.'"

Dr. Mour said he knew the blue hair would become a trend – so much so that he participated as well.

"I think it’s fun for the city," Burroughs said. "It just brings people together. Every generation in the house is rooting for them so it’s fun."