Body camera video released of confrontation with armed Detroit DJ

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Video of a Highland Park arrest went viral this week after it was recorded and posted by well-known Detroit DJ and producer Moodymann - also known as Kenny Dixon Jr. 

The attention prompted Chief Chester Logan to release officer's body camera footage. 

"I want the community to understand, there is another perspective to this particular arrest," Logan said.

On Saturday, Highland Park officers had an unrelated traffic stop near a warehouse off Woodward near McNichols. That was when they noticed a man inside of his van in the lot.  

"They didn't know if it was a break-in, they didn't know if it was stripping, so they went to investigate," Logan said.

They would later find out Dixon owns the property which FOX 2 also confirmed.  On tape one officer approached and you hear him reference a possible gun.

The officer requested Dixon to roll down his window - he refuses.

"I'm on my property I've done nothing criminal, nothing criminal," Dixon said to police.

As more officers arrived, Dixon continued to disregard commands. 

Police: "Now open your door and cooperate."
"I'm not going to open it," said Dixon.

That's when the confrontation escalated. 

Police; "Unlock the (blanking) door."

He eventually gets out where he's cuffed and police recover a handgun in the vehicle registered to Dixon. He has a Concealed Pistol's license but Chief Logan says he didn't tell police. 

"I want you to put yourself in that officers shoes that walked up to that scene when he said there might be a gun involved," Logan said.

Dixon was arrested and given multiple tickets including disorderly conduct…now there is an investigation into officer's response to the arrest. 

Claims on social media by Moodymann and followers say this was racially motivated. 

"From where I sit I don't see any racial connotations to it at all," Logan said. 

FOX 2 made several attempts to reach out to Moodymann, he reportedly spoke to Logan over the phone and plan to meet soon in person.