Body found shot to death, dumped at intersection on Detroit's east side

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A man shot and killed with his body dumped at an intersection on the city's east side.

People living nearby are saying enough is enough.

"It’s shocking to see somebody dead in the neighborhood and no one responding to it or anything," said resident Dominique Hough.

Hough says he and his aunt were walking to a nearby gas station Monday afternoon when they saw a body in a vacant lot near Victoria and Reynolds on Detroit's east side.

"We were walking up the street and saw a body and she called police," he said. "I'm not surprised, there is so much crazy stuff going on out here."

Police and detectives arrived at the scene and started collecting evidence as people who live nearby came to watch.

"We are investigating the discovery of a deceased black male, mid 40s, who suffered a gunshot wound," said Officer James McDonald, Detroit police.

Investigators believe the shooting took place at a different location and say the victim's body was still wet from Sunday's rain.

"It appears the body was dumped," McDonald said. "He's wet. He's been here maybe 24 hours.

"I did talk to some people that stay in area and they didn't recognize his picture but his address is of Detroit and that is all we have right now."

Residents who live in the neighborhood say they want it to stop being used as a dumping ground and they hope police solve this case soon."

"I'm staying in house - can't even walk around our neighborhood anymore," Hough said.

"This is a dumping ground," McDonald said. "We know it. The citizens know that. We are asking them to look out for one another and if they know anything to give us a call."

Detroit police can be contacted at (313) 596-5200.