Body pulled from Detroit River identified, police still investigating

The woman whose body was discovered in the Detroit River on Tuesday has been identified.

Police say 24-year-old Diamond Gladney's body was retrieved from the river after a fisherman at A.B. Ford Park spotted a body the day before.

Her grandmother, Rosie Gladney, has so many questions.

"I'm wondering was she with someone? Did someone do this to her? Did someone throw her in the river?" she said.

She says Diamond had lived with her in Hamtramck for about a year before striking out on her own.

It's unclear if there was any foul play involved in Diamond's death.

The Wayne County Medical Examiner has not yet determined how she died, but her family can only wonder because of how she lived in her last years.

"She had started dancing," Rosie said. "Swinging poles in different states and stuff."

She says that marked the beginning of Diamond's downward spiral -- then came the drugs.

"She said, 'I wanted to try it,' and when she tried it she liked it. She said, 'I liked it so much that I just wanted to keep doing it and kept doing it,'" she said.

Diamond's aunt, Tonia Gladney, says they tried to get her into rehab twice but failed.

"She was doing pretty good for a while and she got lost out here in these streets. No one was able to pull her back in and give her the love and show her the love that she needed," she said.

Police are still investigating what happened.