Bodycam: Livonia PD encountered murder suspect wanted in nationwide Amber Alert

A Livonia police officer was checking on something that he thought was suspicious but had no idea that he was talking to a man wanted for killing a woman who was also the subject of an Amber Alert.

Livonia police released bodycam video of that encounter between a Livonia officer and a man later identified as Dariaz Higgins. It was outside of the Comfort Inn in Livonia and he just asked a man and a woman what they were doing.

The officer didn't know but Higgins was wanted out of Wisconsin for shooting and killing his girlfriend and then abducting his two-year-old girl. The officer didn't know it but Higgins had intentions to shoot.

"He said he was going to shoot our police officer upon the approach in the parking lot," Livonia Captain Ronald Taig said.

Higgins was the prime suspect in the murder of his girlfriend, shooting of another woman, and abduction of his daughter - who would later be found dead.

The Livonia officer asked a simple question - if they had their licenses. The woman got out quick and the officer knew something wasn't quite right.

"As police officers, body language comes in and it's a big indicator and she was trying to move away from the vehicle and he seemed nervous sitting in the vehicle," Taig said.

That woman, identified as Delois Lipsey, has now been arrested and charged for her role. It's alleged that she rented a hotel room for Higgins.

After the ID questions, the man sped off - with Lipsey still there. They also found a gun dumped on the side of the road - it's believed to be the murder weapon used on his girlfriend.

It was the day after the interaction that police realized exactly who the tattooed man was.

"We saw the Amber Alert, saw the man with a facial tattoo - and went to ou rpolice officer and said 'hey, could this be the suspect that fled from you?' And he said that is the guy," Taig said. "We're just blessed that everybody in our family is safe." 

The day after this encounter with a Livonia police officer. Higgins was arrested in Milwaukee. We also know that Lipsey has now been changed with being party to a crime.