Brothers rehabbing their childhood block in Detroit plagued by constant flooding

Flooding has become a constant problem for two Detroit brothers working to restore the west-side block where they grew up. 

When Aaron and Alonzo Stallworth and his brother bought three houses on Archdale Street, they had no idea all this water would be standing in their way. 

The brothers are trying to make the block the one they remember as kids. "When the houses were available we decided to come back and rehab and bring back our old neighborhood," Aaron said. We told their story on FOX 2 recently, but now unforeseen flooding - especially with rains like it did Monday night - are slowing the process. 

"I'm really working had to get families in these houses real soon it's pushing my deadline back. The city gives me a deadline to get them up to code and I can't get them up to code because I have to worry about flushing water out."

The water hasn't crept in yet one of Aaron's basement yet, though he just pumped it out from last week's storms.

"I have snake machine down there, I have floodlights, I have meters and everything, a water checker," he says.  

A spokesperson with Detroit's Water and Sewerage Department says they're responding to flooding all over the city and are busy.

"Ironically the water department is riding right by me and they're going to keep riding, they're not even going to look at the flooding," he says as a city truck drives by. The city assures FOX 2 that Archdale Street is on the list to get checked out. 

Meantime, it's one step forward and two steps back for the brothers' renovations until the sewer drainage is fixed permanently.  

"This is my neighborhood and my thing is, I want to do whatever it takes to get it back but it's a lot on my plate right now."