Bulk trash not picked up for months in Detroit neighborhood

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Bulk trash hasn't been picked up in months in one Detroit neighborhood.

Carl Jeter lives on Coyle Street on Detroit's West Side.

"Trash is everywhere, man."

Jeter lives on the corner, and each direction he looks there is trash. He says one pile is what's left from a tree that came down during a storm.

It’s been chopped up, but it still sits here.

"The people themselves had to get the tree out the way," Jeter said. "The man on that side cut the trees up. It's still there."

Nearby there is another pile.

"This trash, this is an older lady that's sick and can't move around," he said. "She had to move her trash and stuff back here."

Jeter expressed his frustration at the rebirth of the city downtown but lacking in some neighborhoods.

"I pay my taxes, I work hard every day," he said. "I have to come home and this is what I look at. But then when I see TV or the news, somebody boosting about how good everything is.

"I voted for this Mayor, and then when I call some kind of service, I'm not getting any."

FOX 2 went for a ride in the neighborhood and spotted more bulks of trash waiting to be picked up.

"They're not picking up the trash, it's as simple as that," Jeter said. "They give us a schedule and say bulk day is this day, but they don't show up. We haven't seen them.

"I clean up my area. I clean up my place. I get up in the morning and I pick up the trash on the street and sweep the street, try to make things look nice. This is my part."

FOX 2 contacted Mayor Mike Duggan's office and the spokesperson said they will look into it and get the bulk trash in this neighborhood picked up as soon as possible.