Burglar sought in Harrison Twp. break in

A burglar is caught on surveillance camera breaking into a business in Harrison Township. Now the owner is hoping someone will recognize him, and turn him in to police.

Surveillance video shows what appears to be a lone burglar, a white man in a baseball cap, who emptied out eight trailers of equipment. Then, backing up his Dodge, ran into a garage to gain access to even more.

The robbery happened at the Jarvis Property restoration warehouse in Harrison township, a business commonly seen by those driving by on I-94.

Co-owner Matthew Jarvis says he doesn't understand why someone would break in considering surveillance cameras are visible.

"Who would try to break in when you have multiple video cameras and signage out that says smile you're on camera?"

The garage has been fixed but the expensive equipment is still missing, and this family owned business has jobs to work.

"Stealing things that we use on a daily basis, it's just disheartening that someone would do that to you," says Jarvis.

The robbery happened in the early morning hours of July 4th. 

Jarvis says he's heard of another business nearby being broken into in a similar fashion.

"Hopefully we will find good news and catch this guy so nobody else has the same issue we're going through."

Police also took finger prints from the scene. Anyone with tips is asked to call the Macomb County Sheriff's office. The company is offering a $400 reward for information leading to an arrest.