Businesses react to Whitmer's 'Three Week' pause

With coronavirus cases soaring in Michigan, Owner of Bobcat Bonnie's Matt Buskard is anticipating the news that restaurants will have to discontinue indoor dining for the next three weeks. 

"It will be silly for us to see the numbers sky rocket and our hospitals fill up and not expect to have any kind of control or restrictions put in place," he said. 

Bobcat Bonnie's is located in Ferndale and is ready to shift to carry-out when the pause order goes into effect. 

"We already have the trained staff, we already know what to do, we already have the systems, software and all that stuff," Buskard said. 

But not all businesses affected by this latest shutdown will survive. 

According to the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association, approximately 2,000 restaurants have already permanently closed this year.   

This three week pause also orders movie theaters, casinos and bowling alleys to close. 

"It was coming," said a Detroit resident. "We all knew it was coming. A lot of people were opening up so soon, but we knew it was a matter of time."

And with hospitals once again filling up, experts hope this temporary shutdown will help curb the number of coronavirus cases. 

"My wife is a nurse at U of M, my son's girlfriend is a nurse at Beaumont Royal Oak and we see it every day," said Ann Arbor resident Alan Matney. "It is a challenge for them and they are the heroes that are working through this."