Cars and hacking: See if your FCA Uconnect needs a system update

Could someone remotely take control of your vehicle while you're driving it? The answer seems to be yes. 

Andy Greenberg recently wrote he was driving on the highway when hackers wirelessly took over his Jeep. He writes the air conditioning and radio cranked all the way up. Then, the transmission was cut. 

(Granted, he says he was volunteering to test out some car-hacking research and was expecting something like this to happen, but it's still pretty scary.)

His Jeep lost half its speed, and a semi-trailer was quickly approaching from behind. 

Greenberg writes he managed to roll the Jeep down an exit ramp, turned the ignition off and on and could pull into an empty lot. 

He writes he's been in hacked vehicles before, but this is the first time it's been dome wirelessly. 

FOX 2's Murray Feldman talked with FCA. The company is instructing car owners to visit this website to learn if their vehicle needs a Uconnect software update. You're just asked to enter your vehicle's identification number. 

You can get the software update right there on the site, or take the car to a dealer. 

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