Casting a shadow over Old Tiger Stadium, new apartments stand over historic baseball field

"He swings right and it is a homerun for Gibson!" shouted the announcer. 

It was the Detroit Tiger's only World Series championship, coming in 1984. Against the backdrop of old Tiger Stadium, it was a sight any old timer from Detroit would remember. But that was then.

Now in the midst of a Detroit revival, monuments to Detroit's new budding status tower over the classic stadium. Apartments now stand integrated with the remodeled stadium - offering renters the best seat in the house.

"Totally cool man, I love it. I grew up here near Tiger Stadium," said Dominic Alessi, a sales manager. "You've got bars and restaurants within walking distance. It's cool. It's very nice."

Scooped up quickly, many rental units at The Corner Ballpark will see their tenants move in next week. The list of amenities offered at the bougie new living spaces might be why.

Thirty-four town houses surround the old stadium. A fancy new dining experience with exquisite interior design opens up into a patio with full view of the stadium.

"We are in a 1,600 square-foot townhome that overlooks the ball field," Alessi said. "Two car-attached garage with a full rooftop deck."

Alessi is currently standing in townhomes worth over $600,000. Still being constructed are two other complexes being erected in the outfield. Those are worth $511,000. Of the 34 townhouses that were built, only eight remain. 

They must be some real old Tiger fans moving in. Despite the historic nature of the area, some people don't remember their hometown team won its championship right in their backyard however.

FOX 2: "Jack Morris, you know who he is right?"

"No," replied Roderick Davis.

FOX 2: "Do you remember Bill Freehan?"

"No, I'm only 40," replied Nathan Keeler.

As with the faded memory of the 1984 Tigers is an apparent dearth of representation in Corktown as well. There's hardly anything left that says 'Tiger Stadium' anymore.