Cat removal continues at Taylor hoarder house

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About 75 cats  have been removed from a house in Taylor and animal rescue crews still aren't done searching through the mess.

We are told dozens of cats are still inside dead and alive. Now the city's animal shelter is already overflowing with more cats than they can handle.

So far, about 25 cats survived living in deplorable conditions at the hoarder home.

"We're getting about 75 alive and dead," said Lanny Hall, Taylor Animal Control Supervisor.

The house on Harding, was condemned last week after a mother and her adult son was discovered hoarding trash and cats. It has taken four days so far for animal control to rescue the animals. They believe 15 more are still inside.

"They were living under the garbage and behind it," Hall said. "They had little tunnels that they dug through the garbage, lived in the walls."

It's one of the worst cases Taylor officials have seen, trash packed to the ceiling, animal, and even human feces on the floor. The people who were living there, are now getting medical treatment.

"I think they were eating the garbage that was dumped down there or feces," Hall said.

The shelter is overfilled with cats needing homes and medical care, and some of them are pregnant or just had kittens.

"Fortunately we haven't seen any that look sick or diseased," Hall said. "A couple that were skinny but probably undernourished, not eating."

Supervisor Lanny Hall says the Taylor Animal Shelter is in need of help, running out of room to keep them all.

"If people want to come out and adopt, rescues, either one," Hall said.

Another way to help, is too donate. The cats, many of them still young, could use some extra medical attention.

"That's where we're at," Hall said. "We should be having the house cleaned up in the next couple of days and that's when we'll get the rest of them out."