Cedar Point throws it back in time with 'The Boardwalk' featuring new roller coaster, more activities

The Boardwalk (Photo: Cedar Point)

Cedar Point's newest addition is designed to pay homage to the amusement park's past.

The Boardwalk, slated to open in May 2023, will include a new roller coaster – Wild Mouse. This ride is a new version of a coaster of the same name that closed in the 60s. Cars will spin as they move along the 1,312-foot track.

In addition to the coaster, there will be other rides on The Boardwalk.

Two existing attractions, Matterhorn and Scrambler, will be relocated to The Boardwalk with Scrambler receiving a refresh and new name: Atomic Scrambler. The Tiki Twirl spinning ride will also be refreshed and renamed as former park classic Calypso. 

There will also be the Grand Pavilion designed to commemorate the one that opened in 1888. It will have a restaurant and bar with a view of Lake Erie.