Celebrating Detroit's arts and cultural scene at annual Noel Night

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Kicking off the holiday season with the annual Noel Night in Detroit, a collection of music, art, food and local businesses.

“The lights the people, I think what Christmas is about is spending time with your family and not just the gift giving part of it, and giving to the community,’ Aurelia Jaworski said.

The Jaworski family from Birmingham comes every year. Fox 2 caught up with them at the Detroit Institute of Arts where music filled the museum all day long. 

“We love this event, it’s a great kick off for Christmas, we love the DIA, we love to come down here and meet everyone for events like this, Mitchell Jaworski said. 

It's a different Noel Night than last year, with much more security.

It’s in response to the quadruple shooting near the DIA last year, at the hands of 16 year old.

Four people were injured including a 4-year-old boy.

“We have a number of law enforcement officials from the public and private sector, probably our largest presence we’ve ever had,” Ann Marie Borucki said, with Midtown Detroit, Inc.

In addition to more officers and private security, police have been monitoring social media the last couple weeks keeping an eye on potential feuds that could flare up at Noel Night like last year.  

“We feel pretty confident about our working together in trying to create a very safe experience for the public while in Midtown,” Borucki said. 

Noel Night hours were expanded this year from 11am to 5pm, the cultural center area is where all the action was during the day and in the evening the fun shifts down Woodward to Midtown.

“It feels much more family friendly during the day and people can go to restaurants, bars, continue their shopping through the evening,” Borucki said.

Although it’s a rainy, and damp Saturday, the weather not stopping families from enjoying what the D has to offer this holiday season.

The fun continues into the night however there is a strict 10pm curfew in effect for anyone 17 and under. Parents who fail to come get their kids by then could face a $500 fine.