Center Line student arrested after social media threat; paintball gun found

A Center Line middle school student was arrested Wednesday night after a social media threat that involved a paintball gun.

According to police and officials from Wolfe Middle School, the school learned from parents that there was concern over the safety of students at the school on Thursday.

"It breaks my heart because it will impact this child for a long time," said Eve Kaltz, superintendent of Centerline Public School.

FOX 2 spoke with the school superintendent who said that a photo of a gun with the words "Don't come to school tomorrow" was posted on Snapchat and then shared.

"Eight minutes after a Snapchat post went up I began to recieve text messages, emails, instant messages from parents and students," Kaltz said.

Once notified, the superintendent says the district followed policy with regards to threats of violence, which includes notifying police. 

"The child said it was a joke. But again, we take it very seriously," Kaltz said.

Center Line police said they arrested the teenager and located a weapon that was identified as a paintball gun.

The school said there was no threat to students and Wolfe Middle School was open on Thursday. The superintendent says just for an added measure of security, police were on hand this morning as students were arriving to school just to ensure everyone felt secure while dropping their kids off. 

The child is being held without bond in the juvenile detention center. A hearing is set for early November.