Chicago-area native goes viral as 'Modern Day Aladdin'

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - A Chicago area native's short video is being shared all over the Internet, and what he has planned in the future will likely go viral as well.

FOX 32 News tracked down Mo Khan on Friday to see how he’s enjoying his social media success.

"It makes me so happy, that so many people appreciate my work," 21-year-old Khan said.

He’s a Schiller Park native who now lives in New York. His Vines have already attracted more than 616,000 followers.

But his 6 second Aladdin clip has more views than anything he's ever done: 26 million loops in 3 days.

"The first day, it was looping by 2500 loops per 1-2 seconds," Khan said.

And it all started with a few minutes of housework. His dad told him to vacuum, so he jumped on his hover board and went to work.

Then, a rug got stuck under it and the modern day Aladdin was born.

"I pitched the idea to my sister and she said it was brilliant," Khan said.

She shot the video, while he directed.

"I thought about it. So I’m in traffic and then I’m gonna be on my way to go to Walmart. Then I’m gonna get hungry and I’m gonna go get a bite," Khan said.

His creativity has caught the attention of companies, calling to get him to promote their products.

"It’s just crazy what social media can do, and I really appreciate Vine because it opened up a lot of opportunities for me. And social media can really change the game for people,” Khan said.

And some people have already tried to copy him. But Khan isn't looking back. He has already shot Aladdin, Part 2.

Vine also invited him to its New York headquarters to talk about his next videos.

"We’re working on some new things coming out, hopefully some things in the Chicagoland area that we're working on," Khan said.

His last Chicago video called "Spring Break in Chicago be like" got more than 1 million loops. So, there's no doubt his magic carpet will take him to the next level very soon.

"I want to successfully hit 1 million followers in the next few months,” Khan said. "I just want everyone to know who was involved in that. I appreciate you and I thank you. And hopefully I can make more content for you that you'll enjoy. (Congratulations). Thank you very much!"