Chicago's police oversight agency recommends slain Officer Ella French be suspended for Anjanette Young raid

Chicago's police oversight agency is recommending consequences for the Chicago police officers involved in a 2019 botched raid, including slain Officer Ella French.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) recommended a three-day suspension for Officer Ella French in a newly released report about a 2019 botched raid.

Officer French was fatally shot during a traffic stop in Englewood in August.

Her partner, Chicago Police Officer Carlos Yanez Jr., was also shot and critically wounded during the traffic stop.

French was among several Chicago police officers who raided Anjanette Young's home in February 2019.

Young, 50, is a hospital social worker and was undressing for bed when a dozen officers armed with a search warrant, smashed through her front door.

The officers handcuffed Young, who was naked, as they searched her home for a suspect, who actually lived several houses away. 

Young is currently suing the city over the raid, and mentioned Officer French in the suit saying, "The unknown female Chicago police officer walked Anjanette Young into her bedroom and removed the handcuffs. The female Chicago police officer then turned off her bodycam so Anjanette Young could get dressed."


Following Officer French's passing, Young said she was the only officer who showed her "dignity or respect" the night of the raid.

According to the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA), Officer French failed to timely activate her body worn camera and failed to properly complete an ISR or any documentation regarding the detention of a male individual that happened during the night of the raid. They recommended French be suspended for three days.

Ald. Chris Taliaferro (29th), chairman of the City Council’s Committee on Public Safety said COPA should have stricken French’s name and recommended punishment.

"It’s in bad taste that her name is in it," said Taliaferro, a former Chicago police sergeant.

Ald. Matt O’Shea (19th), whose Far Southwest Side ward is home to hundreds of officers, said he couldn’t believe COPA besmirched French’s name posthumously.

"They wonder why no one wants to serve as a member of the Chicago Police Department anymore. Another assault like this, despicable. Ella French was a hero," he said.

FOP President John Cantanzara is also demanding an apology from COPA for the recommendation, which he calls 'insensitive' due to the circumstances.

COPA released the following statement in regards to the report:

"COPA’s Summary Report and investigation into the raid on Ms. Anjanette Young’s residence by members of the Chicago Police Department was completed on April 27, 2021. 

Per ordinance (Municipal Code of Chicago 2-78-145), COPA must make reports open to public inspection. COPA can only redact information to the extent it is exempted from disclosure by the the freedom of information act or any other applicable law. COPA released the report, previously completed April 27, 2021, as required by ordinance.

Following the review and concurrence by the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, as well as serving of administrative charges, we carefully considered the release of the report and its impact on Ms. Anjanette Young and Ella French’s family.

We honor the service Officer French gave to our city and mourn her death and also hope the release of the report brings further closure to Ms. Anjanette Young."

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.