Community remembers 'Flower Lady' killed in hit and run on Outer Drive

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A man wanted in connection with a deadly hit and run on Outer Drive turned himself in to Detroit police.

That crash claimed the life of 83-year-old Charlotte Kish a beloved neighbor who was nicknamed "The Flower Lady" for her love of gardening.

Kish is also active in city politics and tonight, her fellow activists joined together to honor her memory.
Charlotte Kish was watering flowers here on July 5 at 7 p.m. on the east Outer Drive median strip at Lamont Detroit's east side.  A silver Buick rear ended a Chrysler 300--then the Chrysler hit a pick up truck and it hit Kish, killing her.

"She mentored all the children around here," said Debra Remsey.  "She taught them how to plant flowers. She was the block club president I think for like, six blocks.

Some of these women banded together with Charlotte Kish in a neighborhood activist group called Raging Grannies. One of the grannys' causes was in 2014 to protest the city of Detroit shutting off water for seriously delinquent customers.

"Miss Kish was always knocking on doors,"  said Remsey. "She taught us how to get drug houses off our blocks, how to get out water rates reduced, how to get our taxes lowered because the schools were closing."

Detroit Police say a 19 year-old man turned himself in admitting he was driving the Buick that caused the fatal crash and then fled the scene.

"I'm glad that the person had heart to turn themself in," said Tanya Smiley, a friend. "And I'm also glad that person also had family support to encourage them to turn their self in."

Charlotte Kish is remembered by so many and they all seem to remember  the same things. Kindness, loving, caring.

"We were out of town when it happened and I put it on Facebook she worked in our community just for us," said Kaye Smith-Clay. "And never wanted anything."