Community supporting family in need

A community is rallying around a family that lost everything during a fire in Marine City. 

“First my sister passed away, and now this” said David Lozowski. 

Lozowski’s sister, Melissa, passed away in the fall, now the family is dealing with the struggle of a house fire. 

The fire happened Friday at a trailer home in Marine city. 

“We lost everything,” Lozowski said. “Everything from childhood and whatnot, now as you see we have nothing.” 

“Well that’s just it. One day you have your home, you have memories of your daughter, you have memories of your wife and now those pictures are all gone,” said neighbor Jenny Creagh. 

David and his father are now focusing on picking up the pieces. 

“We’re going to try and start over I guess,” said Lozowski. 

During the fire, Lozowski lost his cats and birds. 

Neighbors believe the fire and deaths may be a little stressful and “too much” for David Lozowski Sr. 

“When I saw him he was defeated,” said Creagh. “However, all the support he’s seeing is starting to lift him up.”

If you are interested in helping out the Lozowski family, please visit their gofundme