Complications slow Northland Mall demolition, construction could start in spring

The Mayor of Southfield is hearing what people want to know: when is Northland Mall officially being demolished - and what's coming in it's place? He has part of the answer and it started with the demolition of the old Firestone building at Northland Center.

Back in 2015, the City of Southfield purchased the property that was once the largest shopping mall in the world. It's now 2018 and the redevelopment of the 120 acres is still a work in progress.

Mayor Ken Siver says there have been major hurdles - including asbestos and lead abatement - that have to be cleared before they can tear down the structures. 

"The redevelopment of that property is probably the most complicated project the City of Southfield has ever undertaken," Siver said.

Demolition of Northland mall begins

The city has also had to deal with easements and financing but development plans are moving forward. Providence Hospital building additional office space, senior housing is slated for elsewhere and there will be a research and development area on the south end.

"Later this year more of the mall will be coming down as we're phasing this project in," he said.

Siver is hopeful they'll be breaking ground on projects come spring. The city is also planning major improvements to the infrastructure in the area - in hopes of attracting even more developers.

Judge: Northland Mall to close after more than 60 years

"The city council has approved a multimillion dollar plan for new infrastructure roadways and so on. It's coming along, but it won't be built in a day, certainly," Siver said. 

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