Costco jewel smash and grab suspect appear in court

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Two men arrived in court, each charged with armed robbery and multiple other charges Wednesday in a Novi court room.

The hearing came after a smash and grab incident in which 17-year-old Raphael Simmons and 18-year-old Jajuan Profit entered a Costco in early January and stole jewelry from the store.

At the store, located at 3000 Commerce Crossing, the suspects used a hatchet and sledge hammer to break glass and steal rings and necklaces from the store. After they robbed the store, they drove away in a silver colored Nissan Sentra. Police caught up with them at Orchard Lake and Maple Road, at a red light.

However the suspects fled the scene, leading police through neighborhoods and backyards. At one point, they drove into a tree and fled on foot.

While neither has a criminal record, both are believed to be behind additional incidents in the tri-county area.