Credit union robbers take cash, threaten to 'shoot the place up'

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Two men rob a credit union in Warren, passing a note to the teller demanding $60,000.
They fled with $8,000 and now police are hoping Warren Credit Union surveillance video of the crime will help track them down.

On video one man wears a black and white hooded sweatshirt inside the credit union and his accomplice wore a red hoodie.

"The other guy stands behind like a lookout, they were wearing hoodies trying to disguise themselves," said Det. Brent Chisholm.

The first man passed a note to the clerk inside the credit union on 12 Mile and Mound Friday morning. The note announced a robbery demanding money.

"(It read) 'I need something like $60,000 or I am going to shoot everyone in here starting with you.'"

The teller kept calm, does what she's told but also, hits the silent alarm.

"They were in the credit union for a few minutes," said Chisholm "They did get $8,000 and then fled the location."

Warren Police say the men took off running west on 12 Mile. Troy police canine units began to track their scent, but lost it.

Warren police say the two men stopped into the bank on Thursday at the same time likely to scope it out but pretending to inquire about opening an account.

"All the employees were actually pretty nervous because they came in the day before acting suspicious with hoodies up."

Police say they're working on getting surveillance photos of the guys poorly disguised from Thursday morning to hopefully learn their identities.

FOX 2: "They didn't do a very good job disguising?"

"Sometimes they think they can disguise themselves better,” Chisholm said. “But technology is good inside banks."

Warren police is working with the FBI to find the two who could face life in prison and finding them may not be too hard with this video and that note they left behind.

"A great piece of evidence we can analyze,” Chisholm said. “As well some DNA from all the areas they touched.”

FOX 2: "Smart guys?"
"Not really," he said.