Crime Stoppers holding event for victims' families

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In honor of crime victims, Crime Stoppers has created an annual event to help families remember their loved ones.

The organization will hold the Celebration of Life event from 4 to 8 p.m. Saturday at Greater Mount Zion in Detroit.

"Crime Stoppers, along with Stephanie Richards, is focusing on the fact that lives that have been lost also have some positive things to talk about," said Anthony Jones of Crime Stoppers of Michigan.

Through the tears and pain, victims' family members said they have memories of their lost loved ones that make them happy and they want to share.

"They can expect fellowship, the families can expect love and support, meeting other families that are going through the same thing because they are not alone," said Stephanie Richards of Women Living in Purpose.

Edna Washington lost a child to violence and attended the event last year. She hopes to help others who know her pain move forward.

"I am at the stage of acceptance now and I want to bring acceptance and help others find closure," she said.

Jerlyn Cook lost her son, Reginald, nearly 14 years ago, and says she is grateful for the event and how Crime Stoppers helps the families of victims.

"Thank God for Crime Stoppers who have at least given us a voice, an ear -- they care. They really, really care about us," she said.

Organizers said it will include singing, food, and entertainment. For more information from Crime Stoppers of Michigan, click here, and for more information about the Celebration of Life event, click here.

"It's their time. It's the time they have to come and share about their loved ones," Richards said.