Dad pranks kids and gives them veggies for doing well in school

Image from YouTube: Rod Squad

A dad promised his two sons a new Transformers toy each after they had been doing well in school for a few weeks, but, in true dad form, he decided to play a little prank on the boys first.

He brings them the packages, which look like they've just arrived in the mail. The boys go to open them, only to find their most hated foods inside. The younger son's "gift" looks like a bag of some sort of beans, and he immediately burst into sad tears. The older brother snickers a little bit, but then when he sees what's in his box, he starts crying, too, and stomps off.

He comes back, though, only to exclaim, "I worked so hard for that!"

The dad eventually hands over the toys to the boys.

"Why did we get in the food in the packages?" the older son asks, half laughing but still choking back tears. The dad's response? Well, he's still laughing so hard in the background that he doesn't have one.

And the response on social media has been mixed. Some find the video hilarious and in good fun, while others say they wouldn't have "rewarded" that kind of behavior with the toy afterall.

Watch for yourself in the video player below and let us know what you think.

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