Dashcam: Dearborn police chase stolen cruiser before it crashes into vehicle at hospital

Dearborn police have a suspect in custody after chasing a stolen police cruiser following an investigation into a parking lot fight last night.

Police pursued the stolen vehicle to a hospital where it collided with a security vehicle.

The suspect was treated for minor injuries before being arrested.

"Clearly, this outcome is not one that is anticipated from a well-trained workforce," Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad said. "It is another reminder that I do not exist in a perfect world.  An investigation into this matter in its entirety is on-going."

Police initially responded to calls about a large fight in a parking lot in the area of Outer Drive and Pelham. 

While investigating, someone stole a marked patrol vehicle and drove away. 

A pursuing officer followed them to Beaumont Hospital where the suspect hit an unoccupied security vehicle. 

A release from police said the suspect was treated for minor injuries from the crash before heading to jail.

The suspect's identity is being withheld pending officials charges from the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.