DDOT bus crash leaves several people injured

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A mangled mess of metal and brick littered Dexter just north of Doris on Detroit's west side, after a DDOT bus crashed into a building.

"It was a boom. The building shook and everybody just started going to the door," said Jacquelin Lawson who works at Sun Valley Foods.

The bus slammed into the Sun Valley Foods garage a little after 3:00 p.m. Friday.

Six people were taken to the hospital - including four bus passengers and the driver who was knocked unconscious. Police say the crash was not at fault.

According to Detroit Police, the 18-year -old driving the white SUV sped through a stop sign while going westbound on Doris.

“It collided with the bus which was northbound on Dexter and you can see the results of where the small white vehicle hit the pole and sheared it off. The bus deflected and penetrated the building,” said Commander Nick Kyriacou of the Detroit Police Department. 

The teen's relatives are blasting the police's account of what happened.

“If he had a stop sign he stopped and proceeded with caution. The bus was flying. It had to be flying. Look at how hard the impact was. You see what I’m saying? He ended up all the way in this wall,” said Janiqua Brown, the 18-year-old driver’s sister.

The 18-year-old suffered a collapsed lung and bruised ribs. Police say the bus driver was in serious condition but everyone is expected to recover.

Derrick Lucas lives in the area and says the Dexter-Doris intersection is a dangerous one.

“Every year we have a major accident on this corner. A lot of people blow through that stop sign, keep going. The people at Sun Valley, they park their car in the front so people come this way, they don't see the traffic coming and they ease on out there and then bam!”

Detroit Police say the accident is still under investigation. No word if the driver they say is at fault will be ticketed or charged for the crash.