Dearborn chief shows this dashcam video to highlight job dangers

An angry driver had some harsh words for a Dearborn police officer.

Dash cam video appears to reveal the driver telling the officer that he is a "surgeon" and says that if he ever sees the officer in the hospital, he would watch him suffer rather than help. The driver, FOX 2 has learned, is actually a surgeon's assistant.

The Dearborn Police Department released the video to show some of the challenges officers face each day.

The chief commends the officer for showing restraint and having prevented the situation from escalating.

"I don't have to tell you that our jobs are just inherently dangerous all the time; that's just part of what we volunteer to do," Chief Ronald Haddad said in a news conference. "I'm proud of our department because that's the way they typically handle things in the street."

The chief says the officer was at the end of a long 12 hour shift. The driver was initially pulled over for not wearing a seat belt.