Dearborn men charged with stabbing roommate to death

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Two suspects have been arrested for a brutal stabbing murder in Dearborn.

According to the family this was not a random act - those suspects were victim Corey Crum's roommates. 

For the past few weeks, Corey had moved to an apartment in Dearborn on Appoline Street with 21 year-old Dustin Jordan and 18-year-old Richard Hayes.
When police found him in the apartment early Monday morning, "He had his throat slit," said his aunt Brenda Nemmer. "Somebody had killed him."

Jordan has been charged with premeditated murder and tampering with evidence.  Hayes is also charged with a felony of tampering with evidence. 

"He knew these guys that why he ended up staying there," she said.
Crumm, 26, has never had it easy. According to family he was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. 

He lost his parents at a young age and turned to drugs to self-medicate. But Nemmer, who basically raised him, said that was only a small portion of who he was. 

"He's always had the odds stacked against him. Because of his anger issues, a lot of people never wanted him around," she said. "Corey had a great side to him. He was just looking for love from everybody."

But Brenda says she felt something was off when she spoke with Corey for the last time on Sunday, August 11th. 

"I knew something was wrong. He kept saying stuff on Facebook," she said. "(Like) 'I'm not happy or not safe.' And when I talked to him he said 'I need to get a hotel room for a couple days.'"

But he never got a chance to get out - which leaves his aunt longing for a sense of justice - knowing what she wants, will never come. 

"Death penalty, Corey can't come back. Why should they?" she said. "God forgive me. I'm trying to be a good person about this. But I can't forgive them for this. Not for this."

The two suspects are in the Wayne County Jail being held without bond.  They are expected back in court at the end of the month.