Detroit animal rescue targeted by thieves who stole $20,000 trailer

A Detroit animal rescue group is trying to regroup after thieves stole a $20,000 trailer they use that's full of crates, tables, and more for adoption events.

Make a Difference Rescue said that their trailer was stolen around 1:30 last Thursday morning, Jan. 20. Director Judie Jones said they work tirelessly to dogs another chance.

Jones told FOX 2 that the trailer was stolen in less than ten minutes and the thieves even disabled an anti-theft device.

"We had an antitheft device on it, so you’re not supposed to be able to haul it away, but it literally took them eight minutes to cut that off pull in, and they knew just how to do it and takeoff," Jones said.

In eight minutes, she said $20,000 in equipment was stolen. She said thieves tried to break into the shelter earlier in the week, too.

"It’s such a violation and we have so many dogs in here that we need to keep safe," Jones said. "It’s costing us to have security here 24/7. At night, we have to go to the expense of putting floodlights outside we just enhanced our camera system

The nonprofit is seeking help to replace the trailer and pay for security upgrades.

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